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Etymology 1Edit

From the Old Armenian digraph ու (u) representing [u], composed of ո (o) + ւ (w). Some have contended that Old Armenian ու (u) was a diphthong, but this is incorrect: representing the monophthong [u] with a digraph is modelled on Ancient Greek ου (ou) pronounced as [u].[1] Compare likewise the digraphs Aghwan 𐕒𐕡 (u), Old Georgian ႭჃ (u), Old Church Slavonic оу (u).



ու lowercase (uppercase ՈՒ, title-case Ու)

  1. The 34th letter of Armenian alphabet according to Reformed Orthography. Represents close back rounded vowel: [u]. Transliterated as u (sometimes as ow).
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Etymology 2Edit

From Old Armenian ու (u).


ու (u)

  1. and
    ես ու դուes u dume and you
Usage notesEdit

Generally used to link two things in close relation, such as in English you and I or in the sense of combining two clauses of close relation while deemphasizing their relationship. In English, this would generally be done by combining predicates, as in I went to the store and bought ice cream. It is never used as a conjunction in the fashion of և (ew), which is used as a coordinating conjunction between two independent clauses, as in I went to the store, and I bought ice cream.



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Old ArmenianEdit


From Proto-Indo-European *h₁opi, a variant of *h₁epi, whence came եւ (ew).[1]


ու (u)

  1. and

Usage notesEdit

Uncommon in Old Armenian outside compounds.

Derived termsEdit


  • Armenian: ու (u)


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Further readingEdit

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