Khmer Edit

Etymology Edit

From Pali pada (foot).

Pronunciation Edit

Orthographic បទ
Phonemic បត់
WT romanisation bɑt
(standard) IPA(key) /ɓɑt/

Noun Edit

បទ (bɑt)

  1. (foot)
    1. leg, foot, footprint
    2. road, way, means
  2. (music)
    1. stanza, verse, phrase, proverb, sentence, section
    2. piece of music
    3. note
    4. metre
  3. law, decree, precedent
  4. place, institution, country
  5. strategy, cause, trick, scheme

Derived terms Edit

Classifier Edit

បទ (bɑt)

  1. classifier for musical compositions

Conjunction Edit

បទ (bɑt)

  1. because

Pali Edit

Alternative forms Edit

Noun Edit

បទ n

  1. Khmer script form of pada (“foot”)

Declension Edit