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For pronunciation and definitions of ぎょう – see the following entries.
[noun]a line of text
[noun](mathematics) a row of a matrix
[noun](calligraphy) Abbreviation of 行書 (semi-cursive script).
[suffix]row (in a table of the kana)
[noun](Buddhism) saṅkhāra: formations, mental activity; one of the 五蘊 (goun, five skandhas)
[noun](Buddhism) caryā‎: austerities; practice or discipline for enlightenment (Can we verify(+) this sense?)
[noun](Buddhism) gamana: manner of going forward or walking (Can we verify(+) this sense?)
[noun](by extension, rare) going, travelling
[proper noun]A surname​.
[proper noun]A unisex given name
[noun]work, task, business: the job at hand
[noun]profession, business, trade: what one does to earn a living
[noun]studies, scholarship (the act of being a scholar), the arts
(This term, ぎょう, is the hiragana spelling of several Sino-Japanese terms.)
For a list of all kanji with on'yomi ぎょう, not just those used in Sino-Japanese terms, see Category:Japanese kanji with on reading ぎょう.