See also: だて



All semantically derived from stem noun form tate of verb 立てる (tateru, to stand something up, to set something up), from verb 立つ (tatsu, to stand, to be established, to be situated).


たて (-tate

  1. : the number of rounds or matches in a competition; the number of acts in a kabuki play; the number of losses in a losing streak


たて (tate

  1. , 立て: a party or banquet; treating others to food and/or drink; the general meaning or gist of something; a rule or regulation; the lead in a musical ensemble
  2. : a fortified residence of a powerful clan
  3. , , : the vertical direction; vertical length: height; the north and south direction; the north-to-south distance; the warp of a woven textile
  4. , 建て: something contracted, such as a contracted sale or purchase where the transaction is still incomplete: a standing sale or purchase
  5. 殺陣, , 立て: a fight scene in a play or movie, especially a sword fight
  6. , : a shield


たて (tate-

  1. , 立て: prefixed to a person or role: the head or lead in a group; prefixed to a verb: an intensifier


たて (-tate

  1. , 立て: just [verbed]