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Japanese edit

For pronunciation and definitions of だん – see the following entries.
[proper noun] a surname
[noun] refuse, decline
[noun] steps (up and down); stairs
[noun] rating; ranking
[noun] row; line (of text)
[noun] (mathematics) multiplication table
[noun] (typography) the equivalent to a column in Western layout, but that can be horizontal or vertical depending on the writing direction
[suffix] (after a number) -th rank; -th degree black belt (in karate, judo, etc)
[suffix] a section (horizontal line) in the gojūon table, which consists of kana that have or historically have had the same vowel
[suffix] (typography, newspapers) a unit in newspaper typesetting, equal to 1408 mils, 14081000 in, 128 U (U) and 16 (bai)
[proper noun] a surname
[suffix] group, team, gang
[noun] a man
[noun] a son
[noun] a young man, especially one who reached adulthood
[noun] (historical) a baron
[proper noun] a male given name
(This term, だん, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as だん, see Category:Japanese kanji read as だん.)