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ふせん (-na inflection, rōmaji fusen)

  1. 富贍: ample, bountiful
  2. 膚浅: superficial, shallow-minded


ふせん (rōmaji fusen)

  1. 不宣: “not [done] telling”, added to the end of a letter: to be continued
  2. 不戦: “not fighting”, a renunciation of war; a sumo match that is canceled due to the absence of one of the rikishi
  3. 付箋, 附箋: a tag, a label
  4. 富贍: plenty, bounty
  5. 布銭: a kind of bronze money in ancient China
  6. 膚浅: superficiality, shallowness
  7. 普選: abbreviation of 普通選挙 (​futsū senkyo): a regular election
  8. 艀船: a launch: a boat for traveling between shore and a ship at anchor