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flat; level; equal
flat; level; equal; to make the same score; to tie; to draw; calm; peaceful
(measure word); platform; stage
(measure word); platform; stage; terrace; stand; support; desk; station; broadcasting station
trad. (平臺/平台) /
simp. (平台)




  1. platform (raised level surface)
  2. terrace (for drying clothes); balcony; flat roof
  3. (computing) platform
    移動平臺 / 移动平台  ―  yídòng píngtái  ―  mobile platform
    金融平臺 / 金融平台  ―  jīnróng píngtái  ―  financial platform
  4. (figurative) platform; foundation; stage; opportunity (something that allows something to advance)
    游戲平臺 / 游戏平台  ―  yǐ yóuxì wèi píngtái  ―  to use games as a platform
    創新平臺 / 创新平台  ―  chuàngxīn píngtái  ―  platform for innovation
  5. (figurative) grade; level
  6. (figurative) standard


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