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day; sun; date; day of the month; Japan (abbrev.)
set up; to stand
simp. and trad.
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Proper nounEdit


  1. Hitachi, a Japanese company
  2. () Hitachi, a city in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan


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Etymology 1Edit

Noun stem of verb 日立つ (hidatsu), itself a compound of (hi, sun, day) +‎ 立つ (tatsu, stand; pass (as in time); depart, go away). The tatsu changes to datsu as an instance of rendaku (連濁).

Sometimes spelled 肥立, replacing (hi, day, kun'yomi) with (hi, manure, on'yomi).


Alternative formsEdit


日立 (hiragana ひだち, rōmaji hidachi)

  1. growth as the days pass
  2. physical recovery day by day from an illness or after childbirth
Usage notesEdit

The alternate forms 肥立ち and 肥立 are generally reserved for the latter sense of physical recovery, possibly from the sense of "manure going away" leading to "feeling better".

Etymology 2Edit

The name of various places, titles, and companies in Japan.


Proper nounEdit

日立 (hiragana ひたち, rōmaji Hitachi)

  1. Hitachi, a Japanese company
  2. Hitachi, a city in Ibaraki prefecture
  3. Hitachi Province, a former region in Japan, roughly equivalent to modern-day Ibaraki prefecture
  4. an imperial title, granted to Prince Hitachi and Princess Hitachi