Chinese edit

to stuff; to stop up; to squeeze in
to stuff; to stop up; to squeeze in; strategic pass; piston; unenlightened; Serb (abbrev.); Serbian
simp. and trad.

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit


  1. to block; to obstruct; to clog
  2. (medicine) to undergo infarction; to infarct

Synonyms edit

  • (to block):
  • (to undergo infarction): 梗死 (gěngsǐ)

Antonyms edit

  • (antonym(s) of "to block"):

Derived terms edit

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: S
Grade: S

Noun edit

(こう)(そく) (kōsoku

  1. blockage
  2. (medicine) blockage, tightness, infarction

Hyponyms edit

Verb edit

(こう)(そく)する (kōsoku surusuru (stem (こう)(そく) (kōsoku shi), past (こう)(そく)した (kōsoku shita))

  1. (medicine) suffer an infarction

Conjugation edit

Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

梗塞 (gyeongsaek) (hangeul 경색)

  1. Hanja form? of 경색 (blockage, infarction).