U+76CC, 盌

CJK Unified Ideographs

Translingual edit

Han character edit

(Kangxi radical 108, +5, 10 strokes, cangjie input 弓山月廿 (NUBT), four-corner 27102, composition )

Derived characters edit

References edit

  • Kangxi Dictionary: page 794, character 1
  • Dai Kanwa Jiten: character 22979
  • Dae Jaweon: page 1208, character 23
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): volume 4, page 2560, character 5
  • Unihan data for U+76CC

Chinese edit

Glyph origin edit

Definitions edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see (“bowl; bowl-like object; etc.”).
(This character is a variant form of ).

Japanese edit

Kanji edit

(uncommon “Hyōgai” kanji)

  1. bowl
  2. basin
  3. cup

Readings edit

Etymology edit

(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium. Particularly: “Irregular reading: もい”)

Kanji in this term

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(もい) (moiもひ (mofi)?

  1. bowl

Derived terms edit

Korean edit

Hanja edit

(wan) (hangeul , revised wan, McCune–Reischauer wan, Yale wan)

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