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Chinese ravioli Chinese ravioli
trad. (餛飩)
simp. (馄饨)
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Shrimp wonton.


From 混沌 (hùndùn, “Hundun, chaos and confusion of the primordial world”).

Related to 鶻突鹘突 (hútū, hútú).




  1. wonton (Chinese dumpling stuffed with meat or seafood and vegetables)


Dialectal synonyms of 餛飩 (“wonton”)
Variety Location Words
Mandarin Beijing 餛飩
Taiwan 餛飩
Tianjin 餛飩
Jinan 餛飩
Xi'an 餛飩
Wuhan 水餃
Chengdu 抄手抄手兒
Yangzhou 水餃餃子餛飩
Hefei 餃子餛飩
Cantonese Guangzhou 雲吞
Hong Kong 雲吞
Taishan 雲吞
Yangjiang 雲吞
Gan Nanchang 清湯
Hakka Meixian 餃仔
Xingning 餛飩
Huidong (Huizhou) 雲吞
Changting 扁食
Wuping 餛飩
Liancheng 扁食
Ninghua 扁食
Ruijin 清湯
Shicheng 清湯
Shangyou 清湯
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 扁食
Liudui (S. Sixian) 扁食
Hsinchu (Hailu) 扁食
Dongshi (Dabu) 扁食
Taiwanese Raoping 扁食
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 扁食
Jin Taiyuan 餛飩
Min Bei Jian'ou 扁食
Min Dong Fuzhou 扁肉扁食
Min Nan Quanzhou 扁食
Xiamen 扁食
Zhangzhou 扁食
Taipei 扁食
Kaohsiung 扁食
Tainan 扁食
Taichung 扁食
Yilan 扁食
Lukang 扁食
Sanxia 扁食
Kinmen 扁食
Magong 扁食
Hsinchu 扁食
Malaysia 雲吞
Wu Suzhou 餛飩
Wenzhou 餛飩
Xiang Changsha 餛飩
Shuangfeng 餃子
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