U+C744, 을
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Hangul Syllables
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유 ←→ 의

Korean edit

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?eul
Revised Romanization (translit.)?eul
Yale Romanization?ul

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Korean word from ; this character is the second of the Heavenly Stems, and is therefore used in contracts and legal documents as the equivalent to "Party B" (i.e. the obligated party).

Noun edit

(eul) (hanja )

  1. B; used to enumerate the second of a group of unnamed people or objects
    Coordinate terms: 갑(甲) (gap, A), 병(丙) (byeong, C), 정(丁) (jeong, D)
  2. (idiomatic) the weaker or disadvantaged party in a relationship between two sides
    Antonym: 갑(甲) (gap, the stronger party)
    기업 이고 정부 이다.
    Gieob-i gab-igo jeongbu-ga eur-ida.
    The corporations have the advantages and the government is disadvantaged.
  3. the second of the ten heavenly stems
Usage notes edit
Coordinate terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.

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Extended content
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    (MC reading: (MC 'it))
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    (MC reading: (MC ngit|ngj+t))
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    (MC reading: (MC 'it))