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See also: [U+2223 DIVIDES], ׀ [U+05C0 HEBREW PUNCTUATION PASEQ], ǀ [U+01C0 LATIN LETTER DENTAL CLICK], [U+4E28 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-4E28], 𐩽 [U+10A7D OLD SOUTH ARABIAN NUMBER ONE], and Appendix:Variations of vertical lines

| U+007C, |
Basic Latin }
U+FF5C, |

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms
𝍷 U+1D377, 𝍷
Counting Rod Numerals 𝍸
For IPA use, the symbol may be made heavy to distinguish it from the dental click ⟨ǀ⟩, but this is rarely done

Translingual edit

Description edit

A vertical line.

Symbol edit

| (English symbol name vertical bar or pipe)

  1. (logic) Joins two statements of which not both are true (nand)—the Sheffer stroke.
  2. (mathematics) Such that; having the property that.
    • 2006, K. Chung et al., Bifurcation analysis of a two-degree-of-freedom aeroelastic system with freeplay structural nonlinearity by a perturbation-incremental method, Journal of Sound and Vibration.
      According to the three linear branches of the bilinear function for a freeplay model, the phase space   can be divided into three regions,  , where each corresponds to a linear system:
  3. (mathematics, of a function) Restricted to.
      for any  .
  4. (mathematics, of an expression) Evaluated at.
  5. (statistics) Conditional probability.
     the conditional probability of X given Y
  6. A tally mark.
    The number 6 can be represented as ||||||.
    • 2005 May 16, Tony, “Re: what do you call the prisoners' counting numerals?”, in alt.usage.english[1] (Usenet; in English), message-ID <r6ih81lc4qe8upv3qlt86vpjtt5k4lqifi@4ax.com>:
      If I was counting screws, for example, and using the tally mark system, I'd lay out the list:
      Phillips head, 1/2"   |||
      Phillips head, 3/4"   ||
      Phillips head, 1"      ||||
  7. (linguistics) Separates elements of a word.
    • 2012, István Tótfalusi, Sertések a Bakonyban: Kalandos nyelvtörténet (in Hungarian), Budapest: Libri Kiadó, →ISBN, page 75:
      Mármost a ragok és képzők többnyire kétalakúak, hogy a mély hangrendű szóhoz mélyet és magashoz magasat lehessen tenni. Ezért azt mondjuk, hogy kép | es | ség | ei | vel, illetve hogy ad | ós | ság | ai | val. Így nyilván mindenki ráismer erre a harmóniára.
      (please add an English translation of this quotation)
  8. (IPA) Marks a minor prosodic break, anything from a metrical foot to the end of a continuing prosodic unit, depending on context.
  9. (computing) Used as a pipe in Unix.
  10. (programming) Used in some programming languages as the "bitwise or" operator.
    Coordinate terms: &, ^, ~
  11. (regular expressions) Metacharacter that matches either the expression before or the expression after.
    abc|def matches "abc" or "def".

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  • (nand):
  • (having the property that): :

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