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From -ize +‎ -ation.

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  1. A suffix forming nouns denoting the act, process, or result of doing something, or of making something.
    • 2012, Susanna Rostas, Carrying the Word: The Concheros Dance in Mexico City, page 218:
      The Mexica do not sing alabanzas, thus any recent Mexica-ization, or rather Aztecization, of existing alabanzas (or the newly written) is the result of the Concheros' increased interest in the Aztec past and their desire to celebrate it.
    • 2010, David Jenkins, Suharto and His Generals: Indonesian Military Politics, 1975-1983, page 201:
      In the view of such officers as Dharsono, the disproportionate number of Siliwangi officers was both a result of, and a protest against, a “de-Siliwangi-ization” process instigated by Suharto.
    • 2003, Kevin Featherstone, Claudio Maria Radaelli, The Politics of Europeanization, page 27:
      The chapter covers the domestic impact of the public policy of the European Union (EU), hence one could use the term 'EU-ization’ in this context.

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  • Most words ending in -ization are either formed from adding -ation to a word ending in -ize, or borrowed from another language (usually French or Latin).
  • See also the usage notes about -ise.

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