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Proper nounEdit


  1. (baseball) Nickname of the Brooklyn Dodgers, later the Los Angeles Dodgers.
    • 1951, New York Times, "VOICE OF FLATBUSH GOES UP AND DOWN; Loud Shouts of Morning Fall to...", Oct 2, 1951
      The folks were quite happy about Sunday's thrilling reprieve in Philadelphia and happily confident that "d' Bums'll moider dem Jints"
    • 2007, Curt Smith, The Voice: Mel Allen's Untold Story, page 111
      To his credit, Allen could not imagine the Jints or Bums unabiding on New York's behalf. "New York is fully capable of supporting three clubs."
    • 2000, G. Richard McKelvey, The MacPhails: Baseball's First Family of the Front Office, page 38
      The faithful cheered loudly for their beloved Bums; they jeered loudly at the others teams, especially if they were the hated "Jints" from the Polo Grounds.
    • 2001, G. Richard McKelvey, The Bounce: Baseball Teams' Great Falls and Comebacks page 100
      The Polo Grounds, which had been the site of many fierce battles between the "Jints" and the "Bums," was not friendly to the home team.