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Category:Russian dated terms

Recent additions to the category
  1. фура
  2. сполох
  3. заход
  4. восход
  5. супостат
  6. буржуйка
  7. похерить
  8. беспременно
  9. чертог
  10. тиснение
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. беспременно
  2. рампа
  3. лежанка
  4. наитие
  5. оказия
  6. мастеровой
  7. экзекуция
  8. судилище
  9. бомонд
  10. капустник

Fundamental » All languages » Russian » Terms by usage » Dated terms

Russian terms that are no longer fashionable, thus are anachronistic.

  • Category:Russian dated forms: Russian forms that are no longer fashionable, thus are anachronistic, and serve as alternative forms of the same terms in recent general use.


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