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Grant (plural Grants)

  1. An English surname and a Scottish clan name, from a nickname meaning "large".
  2. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  3. A town in Marshall County, Alabama, United States.
  4. An unincorporated community in Inyo County, California, United States.
  5. An unincorporated community in Park County, Colorado, United States.
  6. A small city in Montgomery County, Iowa, United States.
  7. A small city in Newaygo County, Michigan, United States.
  8. A city in Washington County, Minnesota, United States.
  9. A small city, the county seat of Perkins County, Nebraska, United States.
  10. An unincorporated community in Hardin County, Ohio, United States.
  11. An unincorporated community in Mason County, Washington, United States.
  12. A town in Clark County, Wisconsin, United States.
  13. A town in Dunn County, Wisconsin, United States.
  14. A town in Monroe County, Wisconsin, United States.
  15. A town in Portage County, Wisconsin, United States.
  16. A town in Rusk County, Wisconsin, United States.
  17. A town in Shawano County, Wisconsin, United States.

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Grant m (genitive Grants, no plural)

  1. (Austria, Bavaria) resentment


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