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The movement was founded in the 1970s by "Raël" (Claude Vorilhon). Hence, Raël +‎ -ism. Raël coming from Israel.

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  1. A UFO religion with liberal sexual views, holding that all life on Earth was created in scientific laboratories by extraterrestrials.
    • 2001, Twonky, “Which one? (WARNING God stuff)”, in alt.paranormal.crop-circles (Usenet):
      Raëlism differs from Deistic Christianity.
    • 2003, Boris Ryser, “Relians[sic].... Things that are not believable”, in alt.religion.raelian (Usenet):
      In fact, it is only size itself that separates Raëlism from Christianity or any other accepted religion. Absurdity of beliefs clearly doesn't distinguish a cult.
    • 2010, Savasan Yurtsever, Psalms Code, page 61:
      In December 2002, Clonaid, the medical arm of a religion called Raëlism, who believe that aliens introduced human life on Earth, claimed to have successfully cloned a human being.

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