metals main colours less common colours
tincture or argent gules azure sable vert purpure tenné orange sanguine
depiction a shield of gold a shield of silver a shield of red a shield of blue a shield of black a shield of green a shield of purple a shield of brownish orange a shield of bright orange a shield of blood red
roundel (in parentheses: semé): a circle of gold
bezant (bezanty)
a circle of silver
plate (platy)
a circle of red
torteau (tortelly)
a circle of blue
hurt (hurty)
a circle of black
pellet (pellety), ogress
a circle of green

a circle of purple
golpe (golpy)
a circle of orange
orange (semé of oranges)
a circle of blood red
guze (semé of guzes)
goutte (noun) / gutty (adj) thereof: a drop of gold
(goutte / gutty) d'or (of gold)
a drop of silver
d'eau (of water)
a drop of red
de sang (of blood)
a drop of blue
de larmes (of tears)
a drop of black
de poix

(of pitch)
a drop of green
d'huile / d'olive (olive oil)
a drop of purple

special roundel furs additional, uncommon tinctures:
tincture fountain, syke: barry wavy argent and azure ermine ermines, counter-ermine erminois pean vair counter-vair potent counter-potent bleu celeste, brunâtre, carnation, cendrée (iron, steel, acier), copper, murrey
depiction a circle of wavy blue and silver bars a shield of ermine a shield of ermines a shield of erminois a shield of pean a shield of vair a shield of countervair a shield of potent a shield of counterpotent

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