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Word of the day
for November 22
introit n
  1. (Christianity, chiefly Protestantism, music) A composition of vocal music sung at the opening of a church service.
  2. (Christianity, chiefly Protestantism, music) An anthem or psalm sung before a Communion service.
  3. (Roman Catholicism, music) A part of a psalm or other portion of the Bible read or sung at Mass immediately after the priest ascends to the altar.
  4. (Roman Catholicism, music) A psalm sung or chanted immediately before the collect, epistle, and gospel, and while the priest is entering within the rails of the altar, which begins with the lineRequiem aeternam dona eis, Domine” (“Grant them eternal rest, O Lord”).
  5. (obsolete) The action of entering or going in; an entrance.
  6. (obsolete, figurative) An introduction.
  7. (obsolete, Christianity) The first few words of the office (daily service) for a particular day, sometimes used to refer to the day.

PointingHand.svg For some Christian churches, today is the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

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