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Inherited from Vulgar Latin *eguttāre, from Latin gutta, whence English gout and gutter.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /aɡoˈtaɾ/ [a.ɣ̞oˈt̪aɾ]
  • Audio (Venezuela):(file)
  • Rhymes: -aɾ
  • Syllabification: a‧go‧tar

Verb edit

agotar (first-person singular present agoto, first-person singular preterite agoté, past participle agotado)

  1. to exhaust, deplete, use up
  2. (reflexive) to run out
    el tiempo se agota
    time is running out
  3. (reflexive) to sell out
  4. (reflexive) to wear oneself out
    Con tanto trabajo se está agotando
    He's wearing himself out working so much

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