From the same stem as blāvs ‎(dim, dull, pale), made into a second-conjugation verb stem (ending -ot).




blāvot intr., 2nd conj., only 3rd personpres. blāvo, past blāvoja

  1. (of light, light sources) to glow, to shine dimly, faintly
    blāvo uguntiņa — a little spark faintly glows
    šķūnīša vienā galā blāvoja gandrīz apdzisis ugunskurs — at one end of the little shed the almost extinct fire was still glowing, shining faintly
  2. (of objects, places) to be visible in the dark with its faint, dim shine, glow
    paskatos pret debesīm: austrumi sāk blāvot... rīta blāzma! drīz būs gaisma — look at the sky: in the east it is beginning to glow... the dawn! soon there will be light
    pretī blāvoja gara, balta ēka, kuras vidū vienā logā bija gaisma — opposite a tall, white building, in which one window in the middle had a light, glowed dimly


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