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Compound of dick +‎ head. Attested since the 1960s, with the jerk sense appearing earliest.

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  • enPR: dĭkʹhĕd, IPA(key): /ˈdɪkˌhɛd/
    • (colloquial) enPR: dĭkʹĕd, IPA(key): /ˈdɪ.kɛd/
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dickhead (plural dickheads)

  1. (vulgar, colloquial, derogatory) A jerk; a mean or rude person.
    • 1965, Robin Moore, The Green Berets, page 242:
      I don't want them Special Forces guys left out there when some dickhead is afraid to go get them.
    • 1996, Timothy Jay, What to Do When Your Students Talk Dirty, page 207:
      ...they have been exchanging insults in writing: "dickhead," "dillweed," "fuzzbutt," "dorkwad," "asswipe," and so forth.
  2. (vulgar, colloquial) The glans penis.
    • 1970, Clarence Major, All-night Visitors, page 71:
      ...down, down, sinking down faster than she's so far moved, the dick head exploding up into all that wet, warm slime...
  3. (vulgar, colloquial, derogatory) A stupid or useless person.
    • 1979, E.M. Corder, The Deer Hunter, page 69:
      "Watch it, dickhead!" "Hey, Stan, that's my shirt you just dropped in the snow!"

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