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  • IPA(key): /ˈfløːtən/, [ˈfløːtən], [ˈfløːtn̩]
  • Hyphenation: flö‧ten
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flöten (third-person singular simple present flötet, past tense flötete, past participle geflötet, auxiliary haben)

  1. to play the flute
    Er flötet bei uns im Schulorchester.
    He plays the flute in our school orchestra.
  2. to speak in a high voice, usually charmingly
    „Guten Morgen, Schätzchen!“ flötete sie.
    "Good morning, darling!" she said in a flattering voice.
  3. (regional) to whistle
    Mädchen, die flöten, und Hähnen, die krähn, soll man beizeiten die Hälse umdrehn. (An antiquated proverb)
    Girls who whistle and cocks which crow need their necks wrung in good time.
  4. (regional, sports) to act as referee
    Der flötet wie ein Blinder!
    The guy is refereeing like a blind man!



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