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    Cardinal: forty
    Ordinal: fortieth
    Adverbial: forty times
    Multiplier: fortyfold

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From Middle English fourti, feortiȝ, from Old English fēowertiġ, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *fedwōr tigiwiz (forty).

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  1. The cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine and before forty-one.
    • 1825, unknown, Harrison's Amusing Picture and Poetry Book, page 35:
      'Tis forty years this very day,
      Since you and I, old girl, were married.
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  • In modern usage, the spelling fourty is nonstandard.
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forty (plural forties)

  1. (slang) A bottle of beer containing forty fluid ounces.
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fort +‎ -y

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forty (comparative more forty, superlative most forty)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a fort.

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  1. nominative/accusative/vocative plural of fort