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From Proto-Finnic *käüdäk. Cognate with Finnish käydä.


käima (da-infinitive käia)

  1. to walk
    Miks sa kikivarvukil käid?
    Why are you walking on your tip-toes?
    Ma lähen käin ära korra.
    I'll be right back. (lit. "I will go walk away for a moment.")
  2. to go (habitually, regularly)
    Ma ei käi tööl.
    I don't work. (lit. "I don't go to work")
  3. to move, to go (not by walking)
    Pendel käib edasi-tagasi.
    The pendulum goes back and forth.
  4. (draughts, chess) to move, to make a move
    Ma peaks vist tammiga käima.
    I should probably move with my king.
  5. to work, to run (for machines)
    Pane arvuti käima
    Turn on the computer.(lit. "Put the computer to run")
  6. to happen, to occur, to go on
    Saalis käib koosolek.
    A meeting is going on in the hall.
  7. to date (governs the comitative)
    Kalle ja Malle käivad.
    Kalle and Malle are dating.
    Ma ei käiks elu sees temaga.
    I would never date him.
  8. to be suitable, to fit, to last, to work
    Need saapad käivad veel mitu aastat.
    These boots are gonna last for a few years more.
  9. to concern, to do with (governs genitive together with kohta)
    Kas see käib minu kohta ka?
    Does this concern me as well?
  10. to go along with something, to go with
    Koogi kõrvale käib tee.
    Tea goes with cake.


Derived termsEdit