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Cognate with Latvian lauks and Old Prussian laukinikis (landowner), from Proto-Indo-European *lówkos (bright place, clearing); compare Proto-Germanic *lauhaz (meadow, grove) (Old English lēah (clearing), English lea), Latin lūcus (sacred grove) and Sanskrit लोक (loká-, free space, world). Apparently from Proto-Indo-European *lewk- (bright); compare Old Prussian luckis, Proto-Slavic *lúčь (ray of light) and Latin lūx (light).

A similar semantic progression can be observed in aiškus (clear, bright) > aikštė (clearing, open space).



laũkas m (plural laukaĩ) stress pattern 4

  1. field (land area free of woodland, settlements; land used for agriculture, grazing)
  2. outside, the outdoors
  3. an area notable for a certain property or occurrence
    mū̃šio laũkas - battlefield
    (geography) lẽdo laũkas - icefield
  4. (military, in the genitive) field (which happens in, or is suitable for, deployment or combat situations)
  5. (physics) field (the area affected by a force or other physical phenomenon)
    magnètinis laũkas - magnetic field


Derived termsEdit