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From Old Portuguese mergullar, from Vulgar Latin *merguliāre, from Latin mergulus, diminutive of mergus (diver; loon), from mergō (I dive, I plunge). Compare also Spanish somorgujar.



mergulhar (first-person singular present indicative mergulho, past participle mergulhado)

  1. (intransitive) to submerge (to go down in water)
    O submarino mergulhou vinte metro.
    The submarine submerged twenty meters.
  2. (intransitive, or transitive with em) to dive (to jump into water)
    Se você mergulhar no lago sem ver a profundidade, pode bater a cabeça.
    If you dive into the lake without checking the depth, you could hit your head.
  3. (figuratively, intransitive) to dive (to descend or decrease sharply or steeply)
    A colheita foi tão boa que o preço do trigo mergulhou.
    The harvest was so good that the price of wheat dived.
  4. (ditransitive, with the indirect object taking em) to dip (to lower something into a liquid)
    Mergulhe as batatas no óleo para fritá-las.
    Dip the potatoes into the oil in order to fry them.
  5. (figuratively, transitive with em) to immerse oneself in (to involve oneself deeply in)
    Mergulhei na música e nunca mais voltei.
    I immersed myself in music I never came back.
  6. (intransitive) to dive (to work as a diver)
    Ganho pouco dinheiro mergulhando, mas adoro meu trabalho.
    I earn little money diving, but I love my job.




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