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Etymology edit

From Latin modius, from modus (a measure) + -ius (forming adjectives). Doublet of muid and mud. See also almud and almude.

Noun edit

modius (plural modii)

  1. (historical) A Roman dry measure of about a peck or 9 litres.
  2. (historical) Various medieval units of dry and liquid volume.
  3. (historical) A bushel-shaped headdress worn by certain deities in classical art.

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Latin edit

4th century Roman modius

Etymology edit

From modus (a measure) + -ius.

Noun edit

modius m (genitive modiī or modī); second declension

  1. (historical units of measure) modius, a unit of dry measure (especially for grain) of about a peck or 9 litres

Declension edit

Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative modius modiī
Genitive modiī
Dative modiō modiīs
Accusative modium modiōs
Ablative modiō modiīs
Vocative modie modiī

1Found in older Latin (until the Augustan Age).

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