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Borrowed from French muid, from Latin modius. Doublet of modius and mud.

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muid (plural muids)

  1. An old French liquid measure of approximately 274.2 litres.

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Inherited from Latin modius.

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  • IPA(key): /mɥi/
  • (file)

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muid m (plural muids)

  1. (historical) hogshead

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From the first-person plural present verb ending -mid reanalyzed as a subject pronoun.

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muid (emphatic form muide, muidne)

  1. (Connacht, Ulster) we (conjunctive)

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  • The use of muid as the subject of analytic verb forms is accepted in the written standard as an alternative to synthetic first-person plural verb forms. It is found in colloquial usage in Ulster and parts of Connacht.

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