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From Middle English pancake, equivalent to pan +‎ cake. The juggling sense is by analogy with a pancake being tossed in a pan.

Compare Saterland Frisian Ponkouke, Ponkuuke (pancake), West Frisian pankoek (pancake), Dutch pannenkoek (pancake), German Low German Pannkook (pancake), German Pfannkuchen (pancake).


  • IPA(key): /ˈpʰæn.keɪk/, /ˈpʰæŋ.keɪk/
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pancake (plural pancakes)

  1. A thin batter cake fried in a pan or on a griddle in oil or butter.
  2. A U.S. style thicker batter cake fried in a pan.
  3. (theater) A kind of makeup, consisting of a thick layer of a compressed powder.
  4. (juggling) A type of throw, usually with a ring where the prop is thrown in such a way that it rotates round an axis of the diameter of the prop.
    • 2004, Beinn Muir <>, “Ring juggling: pancake throws”, in rec.juggling, Usenet[1]:
      have been working on pancake throws with rings for the past few months and I have been trying to make the throws perfectly spun and as consistent as possible.
  5. Anything very thin and flat.
    • 2004, William H. Cropper, Great Physicists
      Most of the electrons would pass through the hadron pancake with no interaction, but a few would collide []
  6. Composite leather made of scraps, glue and board, by extension of (4), material originally used for insoles, but later used also for heels and even soles.
    • 1903, Davis Rich Dewey, Twelfth Census of the United States: Special report: Employees and Wages p. 1200
      &hellip in the poorer grades the heel is made of scrap leather and leather board or pulp, finished with a solid leather top lift. The composite material, called pancake, is made by an operative, usually a girl, called a pancake-maker; it is used sometimes for soles as well as heels.
  7. (film, slang) A box on which an actor stands to make them appear taller.
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pancake (third-person singular simple present pancakes, present participle pancaking, simple past and past participle pancaked)

  1. (intransitive) To make a pancake landing.
  2. (construction, demolition) To collapse one floor after another.
  3. (transitive) To flatten violently.
    • 2011, Joseph Wambaugh, Floaters:
      Poor old Sleepy suffered from an on-duty head injury he'd got by chasing a Corvette on a police motorcycle, ending up like a pancaked roadkill with half his scalp flapping in the backwash of freeway commuters []

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pancake m (plural pancakes)

  1. pancake

Middle EnglishEdit

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From panne (pan) +‎ cake.




  1. pancake (kind of fried cake)


  • English: pancake
  • Scots: pancake




pancake f (plural pancakes)

  1. Dated form of panqueca.