From pa- +‎ slēpt (to hide).


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paslēpt tr., 1st conj., pres. paslēpju, paslēp, paslēpj, past paslēpu

  1. to hide (to place something or someone in a place where others cannot see or find it)
    paslēpt ko kabatā‎ ― to hide something in (one's) pocket
    Liena paslēpa vēstuli azotē‎ ― Liena hid the letter in her bosom
    paslēpt seju spilvenā‎ ― to hide (one's) face in the pillow
    paslēpt bēgli, partizānu‎ ― to hide a refugee, a (guerrilla) partisan
  2. to hide, to protect (to place something or someone in a safe place, protected from something)
    paslēpt seju no saules‎ ― to hide the face from the sun


Derived termsEdit