poly- +‎ -morph


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polymorph ‎(plural polymorphs)

  1. (biology) Any organism that shows polymorphism.
  2. (chemistry, geology) Any substance or mineral that forms different types of crystal.
  3. (transitive, video games, roguelikes) The transformation of an item or creature into something different by magic.

Derived termsEdit


polymorph ‎(third-person singular simple present polymorphs, present participle polymorphing, simple past and past participle polymorphed)

  1. (intransitive) To transform; to change into another form.
  2. (transitive, video games, roguelikes) To transform (an item or creature) into something different by magic.
    • 1999, "Robin Johnson", My gnomish healer has been having a rough time of it (on newsgroup
      I got hemmed in by the werewolf again and, in desperation, tried an experimental new wand on it; and polymorphed it into a black pudding.