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From Middle High German rouben, from Old High German roubōn, from Proto-Germanic *raubōną.


  • IPA(key): [ˈʁaʊ̯bm̩], [ˈʁaʊ̯bən]
  • Hyphenation: rau‧ben
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rauben ‎(third-person singular simple present raubt, past tense raubte, past participle geraubt, auxiliary haben)

  1. (criminal act) to rob
  2. (figuratively) to rob, to deprive
    • 1931, Gebhard Mehring, Schrift und Schrifttum, Silberburg-Verlag, page 13:
      Der Zerfall des Römerreiches raubte der Stadt Rom die alte Stellung als Mittelpunkt alles Geschehens.
      The decay of the Roman empire robbed the city of Rome of the old position as the center of all that was happening.
  3. to take away


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