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Etymology 1Edit

See siens.


siena m

  1. genitive singular form of siens

Etymology 2Edit

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Mājas siena (1)
Pilsētas siena (2)
Alas sienas (4)

Cognate with Lithuanian síena ‎(wall, border). Derived from verb siet ‎(to tie, bind) in its older meaning “to braid, to weave” (see etymology of siet), which suggests that the original meaning of siena was “wicker-work”; compare cognates Avestan [script needed] ‎(hinu, ties, bonds, hobble, chain), Old Irish sin ‎(chain, necktie). The current meaning suggests that house walls were originally woven with branches and twings, and then probably covered with mud (compare with German Wand ‎(wall), winden ‎(wind, twist, weave)); some evidence from old folk songs supports this idea.[1]


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siena f (4th declension)

  1. wall (structure (made of wood, masonry, etc.) that limits a building, a room, etc.)
    mājas, istabas, šķūna sienas‎ ― house, room, barn walls
    mūra, koka, baļķu siena‎ ― masonry, wooden, log wall
    krāsota, balsināta, tapsēta siena‎ ― painted, plastered, papered wall
    krāsot sienu‎ ― to pain the wall
    līmēt tapetes uz sienas‎ ― to paper (lit. paste paper on) the wall
    sienas pulkstenis, lampa‎ ― wall clock, lamp
    iesist naglu sienā‎ ― to drive a nail into the wall
    pakārt gleznu pie sienas‎ ― to hang a painting on the wall
  2. wall, rampart (a high enclosure, especially for protection)
    Kremļa sienas‎ ― Kremlin walls
    cietokšņa sienas‎ ― fortress walls
    pilsētas sienas‎ ― city walls
  3. something that encloses, also metaphorically
    dūmu, liesmu, uguns, miglas siena‎ ― a smoke, flame, fire, fog wall
    naida siena‎ ― hatred wall
  4. external side of a container, box, cavity, body organ, etc.
    skapja sienas‎ ― cabinet walls
    alas, bedres sienas‎ ― cave, pit walls
    tvaika katla sienas‎ ― boiler walls
    kuņģa siena‎ ― stomach wall
    artērijas siena‎ ― artery wall


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  • IPA(key): [ˈs̪ʲɪ́ən̪ɐ]


síena f ‎(plural síenos) stress pattern 1 [1]

  1. wall[2]
  2. border, boundary



Derived termsEdit


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siena f

  1. Obsolete spelling of sjena