Putna spārni (1)
Lidmašīnas spārns (2)
Velosipēda dakšas spārni (3)
Ēkas spārni (4)


From Proto-Baltic *sparnas (with lengthening of the a), from Proto-Indo-European *sper-no- ‎(wing), from the stem *per-, *sper- (with s-mobile; or else the s may result from the influence of the stem *spʰer ‎(to twitch, to flicker)) meaning originally “over (away from),” then “carry (away),” “fly (away).” Cognates include Lithuanian spar̃nas, Old Church Slavonic перо ‎(pero, feather), Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian перо ‎(peró), Upper Sorbian pjero, Old High German farn, German Farn, English fern, Hittite partau̯ar ‎(feather), Sanskrit पर्ण ‎(parṇá, feather; leaf).[1]


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spārns m (1st declension)

  1. (anatomy, of birds, insects, bats) wing (one of a pair of flight organs)
    putna, tauriņa, sienāža spārns‎ ― a bird's, butterfly's, grasshopper's wing
    izplest spārnus‎ ― to open, spread one's wings
    sakļaust spārnus‎ ― to close one's wings
    spārnu vēzieni‎ ― wingbeats
  2. wing (plate-like appendage in a large machine that interacts with the environment (e.g., air, water))
    lidmašīnas spārns‎ ― airplane wing
    kuģa dzenskrūves spārni‎ ― ship propeller wings
  3. plaque-like elongated element or part in a machine
    velosidpēda dakšas spārni‎ ― bicycle fork prongs (lit. wings)
  4. wing (lateral part or extension of a building)
    no vienas ēkas spārna uz otru‎ ― from one wing of the building to the other
    labajā spārnā atrodas bibliotēka‎ ― the library is situated in the right wing
  5. (military) flank
    pulkvedis ar savu adjutantu piejāja līdz pozīcijas labajam spārnam‎ ― the colonel and his aide rode up to (their) position's right flank
  6. wing (a group of people, within a larger group)
    filozofijas skolas radikālais spārns‎ ― the radical wing of the philosophical school



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