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vor- +‎ tragen


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vortragen (class 6 strong, third-person singular present trägt vor, past tense trug vor, past participle vorgetragen, past subjunctive trüge vor, auxiliary haben)

  1. (intransitive) to lecture; to give a report
  2. (transitive, of topics) to present; to report
  3. (transitive, of poems, texts, songs) to recite or sing before an audience
  4. (transitive, of ideas, literary) to suggest or propose to a decision maker; to argue
    Der Oberst trug vor, man solle den Sturmangriff um zwei Tage verschieben.
    The colonel argued that the frontal assault be postponed by two days.
  5. (transitive, of objects) to carry or take up front
    Diesen Stuhl brauch ich hier hinten nicht mehr. Würdest du ihn eben vortragen?
    I don’t need this chair back here anymore. Would you take it up front?


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