" U+0022, "
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" "

  1. Encloses a quotation in some languages.
    John said: "No, don't do that."
  2. Encloses text that the author does not approve; see scare quotes.
    His "solution" only caused more problems.
  3. (sarcastic) Encloses text with a sarcastic tone.
    You should dump him. You don't even need to be rude. Just be "unavailable".
  4. Indicates that the enclosed text uses a figurative meaning.
  5. Encloses a title of a work that appears within a larger work, such as an episode of a TV series, a short story, a poem or a newspaper article.
    "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" is the first episode of The Simpsons.
  6. (proscribed) Used for emphasis.
    Do "not" open the door.
  7. (programming) Encloses a string literal in some programming and markup languages.
    "1" is text, 1 without quotation marks is a number.
  8. (computing) In some search engines, searches for the exact word of phrase.
    Search for "heads or tails" for the exact phrase. If you forget the quotation marks, you'll surely see results with "heads" and "tails" separately.

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