Classical SyriacEdit


From the root ܡ-ܠ-ܠ (IPA(key): /m-l-l/) related to speaking. Compare Hebrew מִלָּה ‎(millâ). The sense of "logos" is a calque of Ancient Greek λόγος ‎(lógos).


  • IPA(key): [mɛl(lə)θɑ(ʔ)]


ܡܠܬܐ ‎(transliteration neededc ‎(plural ܡܠܐ)

  1. word
  2. meaning, definition
  3. saying, sentence, statement
  4. (grammar) verb; voice
  5. discourse, tract, speech, narration
  6. proverb
  7. precept, command
  8. intelligence, reason, logic
  9. thing, matter, affair
  10. fact, case, cause, reason
  11. pledge, promise
  12. consent, permission
  13. (Christianity) logos


Usage notesEdit

  • The sense of "logos" is usually masculine while all other senses are usually feminine.

Derived termsEdit


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