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Thai edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Southwestern Tai *ˀduːᴬ³ (to look; to watch). Compare Lao ດູ (), Northern Thai ᨯᩪ, Tai Dam ꪒꪴ, Shan လူ (lǔu), Phake ꩫူ (), Ahom 𑜎𑜥 ().

Pronunciation edit

ɗ ū
Royal Institutedu
(standard) IPA(key)/duː˧/(R)

Verb edit

ดู (duu) (abstract noun การดู)

  1. to view; to look; to watch.
  2. to view; to consider; to examine; to inspect.
  3. to view; to consider; to regard; to deem.
  4. to look; to seem; to appear.
  5. to look (after); to take care (of); to guard; to protect.
  6. to see; to foresee; to foretell.
  7. to see; to find out; to learn; to ascertain.
    rɔɔ duu
    to wait [and] see

Derived terms edit

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Adverb edit

ดู (duu)

  1. for trial; experimentally.
    gin duu
    to try eating [something]
    (literally) to eat [something] for trial
    lɔɔng duu
    to try; to try out
    (literally) to try for trial