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Orthographic/Phonemic ลื้อ
l ụ̄ ˆ ɒ
Romanization Paiboon lʉ́ʉ
Royal Institute lue
(standard) IPA(key) /lɯː˦˥/

Etymology 1Edit

Borrowed from ᦟᦹᧉ (lue2).

Proper nounEdit

ลื้อ (lʉ́ʉ)

  1. , an ethnic group of Southern China, Burma, Northern Thailand, and Vietnam
  2. the language they speak.
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Etymology 2Edit

Borrowed from Teochew (le2).


ลื้อ (lʉ́ʉ)

  1. (colloquial, sometimes considered vulgar) a second person pronoun, usually employed by a Chinese person or person of Chinese descent, and usually used to address a person of equal or lower status.