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Thai edit

Etymology edit

Cognate with Ahom 𑜋𑜨𑜧 (chow).

Pronunciation edit

au d͡ʑ ˋ
ai d͡ʑ ˋ
Royal Institutechai
(standard) IPA(key)/t͡ɕʰaj˥˩/(R)

Adverb edit

ใช่ (châi)

  1. (sometimes ~ว่า) used to express negation: no, not, never, etc.

Verb edit

ใช่ (châi)

  1. (copulative) be.

Adjective edit

ใช่ (châi) (abstract noun ความใช่)

  1. good; appropriate; suitable; satisfactory; acceptable; correct.
    kon tîi châi nai wee-laa tîi châi
    The right person at the right time.

Interjection edit

ใช่ (châi)

  1. used to express affirmation: yes, right, correct, sure, etc.
  2. use to express joy or pleasure: yes, etc.
  3. used to express that someone or something is the main point: that's it, exactly, etc.

Derived terms edit