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Thai edit

Pronunciation edit

h ū
Royal Institutehu
(standard) IPA(key)/huː˩˩˦/(R)

Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Tai *krwɯːᴬ (ear). Cognate with Northern Thai ᩉᩪ, Lao ຫູ (), ᦠᦴ (ḣuu), Shan ႁူ (hǔu), Tai Dam ꪬꪴ, Tai Nüa ᥞᥧᥴ (), Aiton ꩭူ (), Ahom 𑜍𑜥 (), Zhuang rwz. Compare Proto-Kra *k.raᴬ and Sui kkal.

Noun edit

หู (hǔu)

  1. (anatomy) (classifier ข้าง for a single one or คู่ for a pair) ear.
  2. ear-like part of anything, as bag handle, teapot handle, telephone handset, etc.
  3. circular band or similar thing, as ring, hoop, loop, etc.
Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit


Alternative forms edit

Interjection edit

หู (hǔu)

  1. an exclamation of surprise, joy, etc.
Derived terms edit