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あき (katakana アキ, rōmaji aki)

  1. (archaic) あき: The アカニシ (​akanishi) (formerly spelled 赤螺) sea snail, the veined rapa whelk (Rapana venosa).
  2. , : Disgust; loss of interest.
  3. , : Emptiness, open space; availability (as of a house, room, seat, or container); an opening (as of a job or position); free time.
  4. : Autumn, fall (the season).
  5. : Business; more specifically, the trade of goods.
  6. 空き, 明き: space; room

Proper nounEdit

あき (rōmaji Aki)

  1. : A male given name
  2. 亜季, 亜樹, 亜紀: A female given name
  3. 阿騎, 安騎: Old name for the area around the Aki Shrine (See on Japanese Wikipedia) in the town of Ōuda, Nara prefecture.
  4. 安芸: Old and current name for various places in southwest Japan.