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For pronunciation and definitions of はり – see the following entries.
[noun] a sewing needle
[noun] a sewing pin
[noun] any slender, pointed object resembling or similar in use to a needle:
[noun] a phonograph needle (in record players)
[noun] a needle used in medical injections
[noun] a knitting needle
[noun] a stinger (in insects)
[noun] a staple (wire fastener)
[noun] (botany) a thorn
[noun] (fishing) a hook, fishhook
[noun] (by extension) a hand or pointer (in clocks, watches, meters, compasses, etc.)
[noun] embroidery, needlework
[noun] (figurative) malice
[counter] counter for stitches
[proper noun] a placename
[proper noun] a surname
Alternative spellings
[noun] stretching
[noun] tenseness; lack of wrinkles
Alternative spelling
[noun] beam, joist
[noun] glass, crystal
(This term, はり, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as はり, see Category:Japanese kanji read as はり.)