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clear; distinct; complete; pure
to manage; to heed; to put in order; reason; logic; science; inner principle or structure
simp. and trad.




  1. to clean; to tidy up; to arrange
    清理垃圾  ―  qīnglǐ lājī  ―  to clean up the rubbish
    清理房間 / 清理房间  ―  qīnglǐ fángjiān  ―  to tidy up the room
  2. to deal with; to handle
  3. (accounting) to clear (accounts); to settle; to liquidate
    清理資產 / 清理资产  ―  qīnglǐ zīchǎn  ―  to liquidate assets
  4. (literary) to understand things; to be sensible
  5. (literary) to bring under control; to pacify and govern


  • (to clean): (colloquial) 拾掇 (shíduo), 整理 (zhěnglǐ)
  • (to handle):
  • (to clear): 清算 (qīngsuàn)
  • (to bring under control): (literary) 平治 (píngzhì)