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First attested in the Yongbi eocheonga (龍飛御天歌 / 용비어천가), 1447, as Middle Korean 셔ᄫᅳᆯ (Yale: syeWul).

Also attested in the Worin seokbo (月印釋譜 / 월인석보), 1459, as Middle Korean 셔울 (Yale: syewul).

Perhaps derived from Sillan 徐羅伐 (서라벌 (Seorabeol)). Compare also North Gyeongsang 서월 (Seowol).


  • IPA(key)[sʰʌ̹uɭ]
  • Phonetic Hangul[]
Revised Romanization? Seoul
Revised Romanization (translit.)? Seoul
McCune–Reischauer? Sŏul
Yale Romanization? Sewul
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서울 (seoul)

  1. capital; large city
    파리는 프랑스의 서울이다. 
    Parineun Peurangseuui seourida.
    Paris is the capital of France.
    우리나라의 서울은 서울이다. 
    Urinaraui seoureun Seourida.
    The capital of our country (i.e. Korea) is Seoul.


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Proper nounEdit

 서울특별시 on Korean Wikipedia

서울 (Seoul)

  1. Seoul (the capital city of South Korea)
    서울에 가요. 
    Seoure gayo.
    (I am, you are, he is, etc.) going to Seoul.

Usage notesEdit

  • Unlike the majority of Korean place names, 서울 doesn't have a hanja form and is only written in hangeul.

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