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6 U+0036, 6
Basic Latin 7

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Glyph origin edit

A West Arabic numeral, ultimately from Indic numerals (compare Devanagari ). See 6 § Evolution of the Hindu-Arabic digit for more.

Symbol edit

6 (prev 5, next 7)

  1. The cardinal number six.
  2. A digit in the decimal system of numbering, as well as octal, and hexadecimal.
  3. (music, superscript) an indicator that a triad is in first inversion.
  4. (phonetics, often superscript) the pitch of a tone that is more extreme than 5; it will be higher or lower depending on local convention.
  5. (phonetics, Sinosphere, often superscript) tone number 6, typically identified with light departing yang qu (陽去).

Alternative forms edit

The following are equivalent forms as digits:

The following are only equivalent as representations of the cardinal number:

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English edit

Noun edit

6 (plural 6s)

  1. MI6; the agency or a particular agent.

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  1. (text messaging, slang) r (= sei, second-person singular)
    dv 6?where r you?