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  1. A surname.
  2. A place name:
    1. A rural town in Bass Coast Shire, Victoria, Australia, named after George Bass.
    2. A number of places in the United States:
      1. An unincorporated community in Jackson County, Alabama.
      2. An unincorporated community in Newton County, Arkansas.
      3. An unincorporated community in Casey County, Kentucky.
      4. An unincorporated community in Cole County, Missouri.
      5. An unincorporated community in Hardy County, West Virginia, named for the presence of bass (fish) in the local creek.

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Borrowed from Italian basso (low), from Latin bassus (low).

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Bass m (strong, genitive Basses, plural Bässe)

  1. (sound) bass (low spectrum of sound)
  2. (music) bass (singer; section of musical group)
  3. (music) bass, double bass (stringed instrument)

Usage notes edit

  • The spelling Bass has been the prescribed spelling since the German spelling reform of 1996 (the Rechtschreibreform). In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, it had already been standard since ⟨ß⟩ was deprecated in the 1930s. In the affected areas, the previous spelling (Baß) is now less common, and may be regarded as a misspelling.

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Bass m (uncountable)

  1. (music) bass
  2. itch