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From Middle High German bier, from Old High German bior, from Proto-Germanic *beuzą (beer), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰews-, *bheus- (dross, sediment, brewer's yeast). Akin to Dutch bier, Low German Beer, bêr, English beer, Icelandic bjór. More at beer.



Bier n (genitive Biers or Bieres, plural Biere or Bier, diminutive Bierchen n)

  1. beer

Usage notesEdit

  • As is common with beverages in German, the unchanged plural Bier is used after numerals in the sense of "quantities of beer" (glasses, bottles, cans). One may order: Zwei Bier, bitte! – "Two beers, please!" (Nota bene: In many places of the German language area, this is not a common order; instead one needs to specify Pils, Weißbier, Kölsch, etc.)
  • The marked plural Biere is only used to mean "different kinds of beer". For example: Pils und Kölsch sind beliebte deutsche Biere. – "Pils and Kölsch are popular German beers."


Derived termsEdit



Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Germanic *berô. Compare German Bär, English bear, Dutch beer.


Bier m (plural Bieren)

  1. bear
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Germanic *bazją. Compare German Beere, Danish bær, English berry.


Bier n (plural Bier)

  1. berry
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